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How to Get an ESL Job Part II: Cover Letter

A guide to writing the perfect ESL/EFL cover letter! In this post you'll find an example letter I wrote, a template you can use for your own cover letter, advice on what to write, and tips for how to maximize the potential of your letter.

Your cover letter is a great opportunity to demonstrate your value to a potential employer and you should take some time to write or modify one that is tailored to the specific position you're applying for. That being said, you should first create a general template that will be your guide. For each new application, you can simply copy this master file and then add the necessary details or make any changes you need to. Take a look at this example cover letter I wrote for a generic EFL teaching position.

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* * *

Laura Lastname

Skype: EFLTeacherExampleSkype
Telephone: +1 (###) ###-####
Address: ## Bank Street
              City, Province, Country
              ### ###

July 23, 2019

ATTN: Human Resources

Good afternoon,

My name is Laura Lastname, I'm an English teacher from Ontario, Canada looking for an EFL teaching position to start immediately!

I have a B.A. in anthropology, a TEFL certificate from Global Language Training Ltd., and teaching experience.

I have a variety of experience working as an English teacher, including working for an ESL summer camp in the south of France, called American Village, teaching Mathayom 4-6 EFL in rural Thailand for a public high school, as well as running the English club and the Teaching Thai Teacher's Program. I've also taught English in Japan for a private company called Amity, teaching private and group lessons, where I worked with babies as young as 6 months. Additionally, I’ve done some private tutoring as well.
My students enjoy coming to classes, and I enjoy teaching them and encouraging their creativity and curiosity. I really like teaching because it’s so rewarding to connect with students! I also think that my students make me a better person. One of the reasons I enjoy teaching is that I feel that it’s helped me to cultivate patience, empathy and understanding; understanding my students, their different cultures, and understanding myself. As Robert Half said, “When one teaches, two learn.”
I am available for an interview by Skype (EFLTeacherExampleSkype).

In my spare time, I also run a blog called, Lolo on the Gogo at, where you can find teaching and travel tips. I publish resources for teachers and students, opinion pieces about my experience as an ESL teacher, and articles about the ESL job market, teaching methodology and more. Please feel free to check it out at ( as well as my YouTube channel ( for more information!


Laura Lastname

* * *

In your cover letter, you want to present all the information the employer needs to contact you, several reasons why they should, and some intriguing details that make them want to learn more about you. You don't need to explain every particular of your work experience in the cover letter because this can be covered during the interview process. Your cover letter should be interesting, but also professional, clear and concise.

ESL Cover Letter, EFL Cover Letter, ESL Cover Letter Example, EFL Cover Letter Example, Advice for teachers, How to get an ESL job, How to get an EFL job, teaching abroad, cover letter template, English teacher cover letter, English teacher cover letter template
Cover Letter Template Here!

For those who are new to the work force or to teaching EFL, I've created a template you can use to create your own cover letter! It's not as difficult as it might seem. Also, the more work and life experience you have, the easier it gets to update your cover letter with your skills and accomplishments.

* * *


Skype ID:


ATTN: Human Resources, (Company name)

Good afternoon,

My name is __________, I'm an English teacher from __________ looking for a (full-time/part-time) EFL teaching position to start immediately! I’m very interested in the position of __________ at (COMPANY NAME) in (LOCATION).

I have a B.A. in __________, a TEFL certificate from __________, and __________ months/years of teaching experience.

My work experience includes ­__________. (If you do not have extensive work experience, you can also elaborate on volunteer work or your studies.)
I enjoy teaching because __________. / I would make a great teacher because __________. (Use this paragraph to describe why you would be an excellent candidate for the position and what unique qualities or skills you would bring to the classroom. In case your work experience is not extensive, this is a good opportunity to convince your future employer(s) why they should give you a chance. State your strengths and abilities and elaborate on how they correlate with teaching.)

Other certificates I’ve been awarded include __________. (You can also include other interests, activities or achievements related to the position, such as programs you’ve attended, training you received, or additional resources such as your website, YouTube channel, etc. if they illuminate some positive/useful aspects of your life experience, personality and so forth. You can also use this space to write about your hobbies or extracurricular activities.)

I am available for an interview by telephone at __________ or via Skype at __________.



* * *

One important thing to remember is that your cover letter is not just about convincing someone to hire you; it's also the first step in your vetting process, letting the employer know what you are looking for from them. In your cover letter, you'll specify the particular position you're applying for within the company, your earliest expected start date and/or availability, and the qualifications you possess. This data allows your employer to gauge whether you are qualified and might be a good fit for the position. You are stating what you expect or need from the company, for example, if you are only looking for part-time position, if you're willing to relocate, etc.

Here are a few more tips for creating the perfect cover letter:

  • Tailor your cover letter to the specific position
  • If you have some specific interest in the position, the company or the location, include this information
  • Include your volunteer experience, as this speaks to both your work ethic and your character 
  • If you are applying to a position in a country where you speak the language, it be can convenient for your potential employer and increase your chances of landing the job to include both an English version and a version of your cover letter in your second language
  • Save your cover letter as a PDF: this will prevent accidental changes to the document, ensure the correct formatting and demonstrate that you know computer basics
  • Always use spell-check
  • Ask a friend or colleague to review your letter and be open to constructive criticism and suggestions

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You can even create a cool logo for your correspondence. For example, I made my logo with Free Logo Design ( and it only took a few seconds to find a design I really like.

Above all, be confident and enthusiastic! Make sure that the overall tone of your letter is professional, respectful and positive. The cover letter is your first impression, so make sure it's a good one. Highlight your strengths, goals, aspirations and potential. There may be other candidates who are equally qualified, but a good cover letter demonstrates your commitment and drive.

Good luck and happy teaching!

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  1. Remember that short and sweet is the way to go with cover letters as hiring managers usually don’t have the time to read more than a page max. Make sure that what you’re writing is relevant and structured. In the same vein, resist the temptation to recycle chunks of your resume - instead, see this as a separate space where you can impress from a different angle.

    1. That's great advice! Thank you so mich for your comment! 😊

  2. On the other hand, its wording varies depending on the body to which we deliver it, as well as the position that will receive the letter. There are different ways to write a job letter and here we will show you 3 examples , in addition, you can download them in PDF , Word and Excel format .
    carta de recomendacion ejemplo


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