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Classroom Props for Young Learners (Crafts)

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Food Props


Here are some COLOURFUL classroom props I made using felt and paper! I decorated plain paper plates with a flower motif, and created the bread, cheese, pizza, rice on blue plates and heart-shaped cake cutouts using felt and glue. The cookies are thin cardboard cutout that came from an actual cookie box! 

For the rice, I cut the white felt with jagged edges to simulate it being composed of many small pieces. You want to keep your felt pieces as large as possible because small pieces are a choking hazard and because larger pieces will better adhere to each other and stay attached after multiple uses.

The cutouts don't have to be perfect because kids are great at using their imaginations. Props help them to visualize using language IN CONTEXT, which is very important for overall comprehension and retention of target vocabulary and phrases.

Use cutouts like these to act out situations such as eating a meal together. Student(s) [S/Ss] and teacher [T] can take turns using the target language. For example, 

T: "Bread, please!" S: Here you are!" (very low level)

T: "Bread, please!" S: Here you are!" T: "Thank you!" S: "You're welcome!" (slightly higher level)

T: "May I have some bread, please?" S: Yes, you may!" T: "Thank you!" S: "You're welcome!" (higher level)

Adjust the vocabulary and sentence structure to accommodate the student's level. Don't be afraid to simplify or add vocabulary during the lesson if you have over or underestimated the student's level!

Happy teaching!


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